The Concept of Long-term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the Period till 2020 establishes formation of a network of territorial innovations clusters.

Development of territorial innovations clusters allows optimization of the position of domestic enterprises in the value creating chains, contributing to raising the degree of materials processing, import substitution, and growth in the assembly production localization, as well as to enhancing the level of non-price competitive ability of the domestic goods and services.

Cluster of Information Technology

"Siberia must be The World center of the IT-competences!" - is our goal
Key Activities: analysis of large arrays of data (Big Data), geographic information systems and computer-aided design systems; development and localization of mobile applications, computer-aided manufacturing, and cloud technologies and other


Cluster of Bio&Medicine Technology

"We can remark that Siberia is great combinations of science experince&human potential and natural resourses for biotechnology"
Key Activities: unique vaccines; vative pharmaceuticals and technologies;
diagnostic tools (test-systems); equipment for medicine and biotechnologies;
new pharmaceuticals, dosage bands and means of pharmaceutical agents’ delivery; protected patents, prolonged and immobilized forms;
mathematical methods of forecasting and simulation, and databases (bioinformation technologies).