Medical and Biological Union CJSC


Medical and Biological Union CJSC, one of the first private biotechnology companies of Russia, was founded on August 31, 1992. Its main objective determined at the beginning of the company’s existence and implemented until now is to develop modern tools of diagnosing human illnesses.


Currently Medical and Biological Union CJSC is manufacturing over 100 types of immunobiological products: reagent kits for immune-enzyme tests for a wide spectrum of human infections; control agents for assessing the quality of tests and equipment for laboratory diagnostics. In addition, Medical and Biological Union CJSC offers over 600 supplementary product items for diagnostic laboratories.

Now Medical and Biological Union CJSC produces the following:

  1. Reagent kits for enzyme immunoassays and polymerase chain reaction tests
  2. Standard and control panels of human blood serums

Reagent kits for molecular-genetic and immunological diagnostics of opistorchosis of the type Opisthorchis felineus: “Invitrologic Opistorch – AT” and “Invitrologic DNA Opistorvhci” are some of the most recent developments of the company.

A complete list of the company’s products is available in the caralogue

Galyamova, Maria Rashitovna, Deputy Director

Postal address: 16 Inzhenernaya Street, Novosibirsk 630090, Russia 
Multi-channel tel.: +7 (383) 363-77-14, 363-77-16
Accounting department: (383) 363-77-12, 363-77-10
Fax +7 (383) 363-77-18 

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