General description

complex of interrelated enterprises and organizations in IT, biotechnologies and biopharmaceuticals, high-tech medicine areas

Siberian Science Polis Research and Production Cluster is a historically established and continuously developing complex of interrelated enterprises and organizations, with advanced scientific, technological, educational, and entrepreneurial competencies. It combines such industry areas as:


Information technologiesBiopharmaceuticalsBiotechnology

High-tech medical products High-tech medical services.

The Cluster is based within the boundaries of Soviet district of Novosibirsk, Koltsovo science city and Berdsk satellite city.

The Cluster found on the research capabilities of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences institutes and the scientific and educational potential of the leading universities of the Novosibirsk region, primarily the Novosibirsk National Research University (NSU).

In the Novosibirsk region there are a rather extensive variety of development institutions and objects of innovative infrastructure: Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, BioTechnoPark Koltsovo, Medical Technology Innovation Centre (Medical Technology Park), Medical Industrial Park. Business incubators, various research and production, innovation, engineering centres, common use centres and prototyping centres. It is the park projects that form the basis of the Siberian Scientopolis Cluster of Novosibirsk.

Siberian Sciento Polis Cluster of Novosibirsk is the participant in the Russian Ministry of Economic Development project “Innovation Clusters — Global leaders in Attracting Investment”.

The Cluster works and researches with leading companies and institutions from different countries: Germany, USA, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, UK, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, Austria, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic.

Development Strategy for the Siberian Sciento Polis Cluster of Novosibirsk through 2020 roadmap was created and approved in March 2017. This roadmap provides for actions to resolve different areas of Cluster’s development:

- organizational and personnel issues;

- promotion of the participating companies products on the domestic and foreign markets;

- financial support of Cluster members to implement the projects and to attract investment.

History of the Novosibirsk region’s clusters

The Concept of Long-term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the Period till 2020, adopted on November 17, 2008, is the basic document in which the outline of the cluster policy of the Russian Federation was first indicated

Siberian Science Polis Research and Production Cluster is a new stage in the development of the Territorial Innovations Cluster of Information and Biopharmaceutical Technologies of the Novosibirsk region that was included in the list of territorial innovations clusters was determined in the Instruction of the Chairman of the Russian Government on August 28, 2012. Also the new direction of high-tech medicine was added to the Cluster specialization.

Since the cluster’s establishment to the present time, the number of the participants involving in the Cluster’s work by implementing cluster projects or otherwise has reached nearly 250. The cluster projects being implemented are aimed at accelerating the growth of the local industries and at modernizing the economy of the Novosibirsk region.


Cluster management organization
Cluster Council

The Сluster has a combined management system. The interaction between the subclusters management organizations and subcluster members has two-way connections, and the type of the interaction is mixed, due to the multidisciplinary nature of the Cluster.

At the same time, interaction with federal authorities, federal development institutions and authorities of the Novosibirsk region is realized on the one stop principle through the cluster management organization, the functions of which are fulfilled by the Regional Development Centre, Novosibirsk Regional State Public Institution, according to the Protocol approved by the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region.

The Cluster management system includes:

1.     Cluster management organization: provides methodological, organizational, expert-analytical and information support for the Cluster development.

2.     Cluster Council: was established in order to implement Development Strategy for the Siberian Sciento Polis Cluster of Novosibirsk through 2020.

European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label Certificate

Regional Development Centre as a cluster management organization of the Siberian Science Polis Research and Production Cluster passed the assessment of the cluster management quality in accordance with the  European Cluster Excellence Initiative concept.

In October 2018 cluster management organization specialists participated in benchmarking. The benchmarking was based on a personal interview between the cluster manager and an impartial  European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis benchmarking expert.  The analysis was focused on 36 indicators that capture different dimensions of the cluster and the cluster management organisation, including the structure of the cluster, the cluster management and the governance structures of the cluster, financing of the cluster organisation, services provided by the cluster organisation, communication within the cluster and achievements and recognition of the cluster and the cluster organisation. After the analysis the Siberian Sciento Polis Cluster of Novosibirsk was awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence label in bronze.