06/09/2016 - 06/10/2016
Time start 10:00 AM г. Новосибирск, ул. Станционная, 104

Siberian Venture Fair - 2016

X Siberian Venture Fair (X SVF) is going to be held on the 9-10th of June 2016 in Novosibirsk, Russian Federation (ulitsa Stantsionnaya, 104). The X SVF is organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk region, the Government of the Novosibirsk region, "Russian Venture Capital Association", "Foundation for the support of science and innovation" (Novosibirsk). 
The Mission of the Fair is to activate the interrelationships between the venture investors and entrepreneurs of scientific and technical spheres, to develop the innovations for the economy of the Novosibirsk region, non-stop communication between science, industry and government. 
Congress Fair block is formed by the interactive activities of different formats (plenary and sectional events, discussions and forums, conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops, master classes). The main discussion areas are: the priorities of scientific and technological development, venture capital investments in technology companies, the integration of education, science and industry: from science to market. 
Exposure unit of the Fair represents innovative high-tech companies that have passed a special selection in accordance with the priorities of the Novosibirsk region economy: biomedical technologies and personalize medicine; nanotechnology and new materials; communication technologies; Robotics technology; energy conservation; personnel training. 
The official languages of the event are Russian and English. At the plenary and sessions two-way interpretaion will be done. 
To ask questions about the event and apply for participation in X Siberian Venture Fair please contact the "Foundation for the Support of Science and Innovation", Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, st. Sibrevkoma, 2, tel. 8-383-223-20-04, e-mail: info@svfair.ru, 
contact persons: 
Director - Marina L. Alekseeva, Project Manager - Anna V. Denisenko.