Innovation Cluster of Informational and Biopharmaceutical Technologies of Novosibirsk region: vectors of development. Technoprom-2016.

The round table discussion devoted to the vectors of development of Innovation Cluster of Informational and Biopharmaceutical Technologies of Novosibirsk region was held on 10th of June 2016 in the course of IV International Forum of Technological Development Technoprom-2016. The participants of the discussion were the representatives of IT and BIO branches of Cluster, state offices, and business interested in cooperation within the Cluster structure. Director of the Department of Social Development and Innovation of Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Artyom Shadrin has been a moderator of the round table discussion. 
The participants of the discussion underlined the key vectors of further Cluster development including a strengthening of cooperation between two branches - IT and biopharmaceutical technologies. Common projects of IT specialists and biotechnologists were considered as a focal area of the cluster policy. Cluster members presented their experience of packing and realisation of cooperation IT-Bio projects and perspectives of integration of these two branches. In particular, it was mentioned that it's necessary to apply IT research results in medicine since a telemedicine, a personalized medicine, a smart medicine and diagnostics require new complex up to date approaches. Bioinformatics was also mentioned as a vector of cooperation development and cluster integration. 
Artyom Shadrin told the participants of the discussion about the new initiative of Ministry of Economic Development - a programme supporting transition of innovation clusters to the 2.0 model. Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation will announce a competition in the end of July for clusters allowing them to implement the standards of effective management. Programmes will be accepted until 26 September 2016. The idea of this competition is that its winners will gain the Ministry's support and financing capabilities from other sources.  
"We want to raise the bar of an immensity of projects: we should not reproduce the actual model but to create the new one. That's new niche markets, new products and services to export, and a new understanding of the clusters' role in the economy" - said Artyom Shadrin.