A Diagnostic Kit for Real-time Identification of Human Parasitic Infections with PCR

 Project participants

  • Closed joint-stock company MBS-Tekhnologiya
    OGRN (main state registration number) 1055473122649
    Director: Tronin, Andrey Vladimirovich
    Manager of works: Petrenko, Vasily Antonovich
  • Federal state budgetary scientific institution Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
    OGRN (main state registration number) 1025403657410
    Director: Kolchanov, Nikolay Alexandrovich
  • The market potential of the product to be provided, topicality of the results for customers(if the project is not completed by product development)


This development is widely in demand both for the clinical and epidemiological parasitic infection tests. Currently there are PCR techniques for diagnosing human parasites. The existing methods based on the immunological techniques have lower specificity and sensitivity, allowing identification of only one disease. Availability of a highly sensitive kit, which would allow identification of several types of parasites, will be of great value in the market of clinical diagnostic tests.

 Project phase

Currently a kit of reagents for diagnosing opisthorchiasis has been developed and is now at the stage of obtaining government registration. R&D works are being conducted to develop diagnosticums for other parasitic infections: ascariasis, trichiniasis, and giardiasis.

 The implementation and funding plan

The extended calendar plan covers the basic project phases and the expected results.



Project phase

Implementation period (duration)

Funding, thousand rubles


R&D for development and production of diagnosticum prototypes




Collecting and describing the body of samples for clinical trials of the diagnosticums




Signing preliminary agreements with customers, organizing trials, collecting materials for development of methodological recommendations for sanitary and epidemiological agencies




Developing and obtaining approvals of methodological recommendations for parasitic infection screening using molecular diagnostics methods






 Required support of the cluster infrastructure

  • Lobbying the project at the regional and federal levels; developing a complex regional program in the area of health care to detect occurrence of parasitic infections among the population of the Novosibirsk region;
  • Provision of consulting services;
  • Search for regional- and federal-level grants to obtain off-budget project funding and preparation of documents for obtaining government and municipal co-funding support.