Center for Bioinformatics and Science-intensive Software Development in the Area of Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine

Project tasks

  • To create software-hardware infrastructure for the needs of personalized medicine (storage, systematization, and issuance of data by request);
  • To create science-intensive packages of applied software, simulation and information and analytics systems;
  • To prepare publications on the study results;
  • To develop programs of federal coverage for teaching students of Russian medical universities and for preparing world-class specialists in the area of science-intensive software and intellectualization of information systems;
  • To organize and promote mass open online courses (the МООСformat).


Project participants

  • Consortium of the institutes of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy f Sciences: Institute of Informatics Systems Named after A.P. Ershov, Institute of Mathematics Named after S.L. Sobolev, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, Institute of Cytology and Genetics;
  • Novosibirsk State University (NSU);
  • IT companies: UNIPRO Novosibirsk Center for Information Technologies, New Software Systems, PBSoft, Research Systems.


Market potential

The work of the Center oriented on cooperation with foreign scientists and research organizations will allow discoveries to be made on the borders of sciences, the study results to be published in the scientific journals with a high impact factor and quality educational process to be organized.

The UGENE-EDU software package and the federal-level UGENE-EDU-MED software system will satisfy the demand for customized educational products and will ensure inflow of funds.

The Center will ensure preparation of world-class specialists in the area of science-intensive software and intellectualization of information systems oriented on bioinformatics, personalized medicine and pharmaceutics.  



The project is of great importance for development of information technologies in the area of pharmaceutics, biomedicine, toxicology, nanobioengineering, etc.

When established, the Center will be able to contribute to solution of the following tasks:

  • Personalization of medical treatment depending on the person’s genetic characteristics;
  • Revealing a person’s susceptibility to diseases;
  • Educational activities and preparation of specialists, including development of specialized educational programs and of a system of targeted staff training, oriented on development of methods, algorithms, and science-intensive software;
  • Raising staff competency in the adjacent areas of knowledge;
  • Developing supra-professional competencies of young IT specialists.


Project phase

A concept of the Center for Bioinformatics and Science-intensive Software has been developed. Investments are being expected.

The implementation and funding plan

The implementation period of the project is 2014 – 2018.

Over the indicated period of time, the estimated amount of R&D will be 58 units. Out of this number, 46% works are planned to be implemented at the requests of foreign firms, 40% works will be conducted supported by the state budget funds, while 14% works will be implemented at the orders of the Russian businesses.  

By the end of the project implementation period, the number of publications in the scientific journals indexed in the databases WebofScience or Scopus is estimated to be equal to 95. The number of presentations to be made by the staff of the Center at international scientific conferences is estimated to be 73.


Required support of the cluster infrastructure

  • Provision of consulting services;
  • Search for partners and investors;
  • Lobbying;
  • Preparation of documents required for obtaining federal and municipal funding.