The cluster was established in the innovative development territory of the biotechnology industry, with a synergy effect from interaction of research organizations and production companies of different ownership types and with maximum use of the public and private partnership mechanisms. The key participants of the cluster are organizations that are members of a large non-profit partnership – Siberian Centre for Development of Biotechnologies and Medicine SibBioMed.

Cluster tasks

The Cluster is aimed at establishing a sustainable growth point for a science-intensive innovations economy in the area of biotechnology production.



Company name Activity Member
EcoNova Institute of Chromatography, LLC Development of new scientific analytical instruments "SibBioMed" non-profit partnership
KVANT, LLC Development of technology for the industrial production of cellulose ethers, development of unique equipment for the synthesis of cellulose ethers "SibBioMed" non-profit partnership
MAS-Service, LLC Production of innovative chemical materials, as well as laboratory equipment used in the construction of oil and gas wells
Neuroorthopedic center "OrtoS", LLC Complex rehabilitation treatment of patients with musculoskeletal disorders "SibBioMed" non-profit partnership
National Center for Genetic Research, LLC High-tech company developing and conducting DNA tests in the fields of nutrition, sports, cosmetology, health and productivity "SibBioMed" non-profit partnership
SIB-KRUK, LLC Search, development and production of optimal plant combinations to improve human health "SibBioMed" non-profit partnership
MediKraft, LLC Production of modern medical devices
Biosoft.Ru, LLC Biomedical data analysis services
SIBBIOPHARM, LLC Biological products for plant protection "SibBioMed" non-profit partnership
BioLink, LLC Use of existing methods of molecular genetic diagnostics in practice, new developments
iFarm Project Organic farming in smart greenhouses
Biosset, LLC Development and production of automatic equipment for DNA synthesis
Biosan, LLC Biosan LLC is involved in development and production of reagents for molecular biology investigations, PCR and immunobiological tests
Angioline, JSC Angioline JSC manufactures products for interventional cardiology –coronary stents, coronary catheters and other disposable materials for X-ray-endovascular diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
Akademlab, LLC Analytical laboratory researches
Irondir, LLC Functional nutrition
Pharma, LLC Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
TION Group Creation of modern high-tech products in the field of smart and energy-efficient ventilation, air purification and disinfection
Go Group, LLC (Genetic test) Development of the hardware-software complex for express diagnostics of genetic features

Management structure




Maria Galyamova

Director of the Siberian Centre for Development of Biotechnologies and Medicine - "SibBioMed" non-profit partnership


Rules of entry

If you want to get in Biotech cluster of Novosibirsk region do not hesitate to contact with:

Novosibirsk Regional Cluster Development Centre