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CJSC Bio-Vesta has become the first company in Russia to produce liquid probiotic products. The company uses its own innovative technologies, as well as unique developments of the USSR Research Institute of Dairy Industry improved by CJSC Bio-Vesta and brought up to the industrial production stage. Due to these technologies the company has the following advantages:

• it uses as components only live active microorganisms, without the use of any preserving agents or lyophilization techniques, etc.;

• concentration of bifidobacteria is 109 КОЕin 1 ml, due to which clinical effectiveness of products is 5-6 times higher in comparison with analogous products;

• technical know-how allows to preserve equally high activity of live bacteria during the whole shelf life;

• the recipes of food products are developed in such way that the metabolism products of one kind of bacteria would have positive effect upon activity of other bacteria, thus creating extra positive effect upon health;


The effectiveness of CJSC Bio-vesta was proven through many clinical trials in the leading clinics of Russia and is recommended by Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.


  1. Biologically active supplements  Biovestin®   and Biovestin-lacto®.
  2. Bioproduct  Biovestin-А, Biovestin-lacto-plus, Go Bio®
  3. Functional nutrition products Bifilin М, Tonus, Аcidovestin
  4. Fermented dairy baby foods (bifidum yogurt, cottage cheese).

The line of products is aimed at systemic health improvement and raising the quality of life by bettering the “internal ecology” (microbiological environment) of our customers. In particular, the products can be used for prevention and as part of integrated therapy of intestinal and digestive disorders, improvement of metabolism and immunity, rehabilitation of cancer patients after chemotherapy courses, cleaning the body from wastes and toxins.  

build.3/1 Lesosechnaya Str, Novosibirsk, zip code 630060, Russia

(For Russian post-office use the following address: Россия630060, Новосибирск, ул. Лесосечная, д.3/1)


Anna V.Golubyatnikova, Deputy Director on Marketing and Development
+7 (383) 363 18 65





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