Biopharmaceutical cluster of the Novosibirsk region


The cluster was established in the innovative development territory of the pharmaceutics and biomedicine industries, with a synergy effect from interaction of research organizations and production companies of different ownership types and with maximum use of the public and private partnership mechanisms. The key participants of the cluster are organizations that are members of a large association for the development of the innovative territorial cluster of the Novosibirsk region in the field of biopharmaceutical technologies "BioPharm".

Cluster tasks

The cluster is aimed at establishing a sustainable growth point for a science-intensive innovations economy in the area of biomedicine, and pharmaceutical production



Company name Activity Member
EcoNova CJSC
MedIn Ltd The company develops, produces, and organizes sales of the Sulphacrylate medical glue, designed for gluing different human tissues and for homeostasis, as well as of the Zazhivin medical glue for home use.
MediKraft LLC
Medical and Biological Union-Technology CJSC
Medical and Biological Union CJSC
Go Group Ltd. Company Genetic-test has collected, analyzed, verified, and systematized research and development in the area of dermatoglyphics. The analysis algorithms derived have been united into a Software-Hardware Complex Genetic-test.
Biosan, LLC Biosan LLC is involved in development and production of reagents for molecular biology investigations, PCR and immunobiological tests
Biolabmix Ltd. The company prioritizes development of research products and materials in the area of molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetic engineering. The main products are reagent kits for studying biopolymers.
Angioline, JSC Angioline JSC manufactures products for interventional cardiology –coronary stents, coronary catheters and other disposable materials for X-ray-endovascular diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
LLC Center for Vortex Technologies The company is involved in development and manufacture of gas-vortex bioreactors for different industries and for medicine.
LLC ImDi-Spectrum The company is involved in development and sale of medical diagnostic enzyme immunoassay test systems and immunochips, as well as in their production and registration in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.
LLC Siberian Innovations Center The company specializes in development of advanced biomedical technologies
LLC Sibbiopharm Production Enterprise The organization manufactures microbiologically synthesized products.
LLC Renaissance VID General description: development of production technologies, production and sales of conservative-free powder cosmetics
LLC First Siberian Factory The company is involved in high-level processing of grain.
The unique technology of the future production will allow high energy efficiency and the absence of production waste.
LLC Micopro The company is involved in production of bio products based on predacious fungi.
LLC ImDi The company is involved in development and sale of medical diagnostic test systems and production of medical tests for patients of medical institutions of Novosibirsk.
LLC Dia-Vesta Dia-Vesta is involved in development and production of foodstuffs with unique for Russia properties aimed at health strengthening and improvement.
LLC Vitagor The company is involved in development of pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment.
LLC Vertical-M The company is involved in development and production of medical products.
LLC Vector Fortis The products of the company are aimed at overcoming infectious and somatic socially significant diseases (AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, heart attacks and strokes, diabetes mellitus, etc.).
LLC Science and Production “Vector-Vita” The company develops and produces pharmaceutical and veterinary medicines with the use of nano-silver (biosilver).
LLC ТH «Biotechcenter»
CJSC BioOil The Company develops and produces biomedicines for для soils and sea waters decontamination from oil and oil products pollution.
LLC Biokor The company produces fermented dairy products –probiotics for healthy nutrition.
CJSC Bio-Vesta Group of companies
CJSC Vector-BiAlgam The Company produces pharmaceutical immunobiological medicines and probiotic products.
LLC AvaxisBiotherapeutics The company develops cancer vaccines and medications
LLC Bioavanta The company creates laboratory and small-scale full-cycle production – from raw materials to the final biologically active substance in bounded quantities. The company specialists use fully original methods of production and synthesis.

Management structure


Andrey Linyushin

Chief executive

"BioPharm" association

Sergey Netesov

Chairman of the board

"BioPharm" association

Rules of entry

If you want to get in Biopharm cluster of Novosibirsk region do not hesitate to contact with:

Novosibirsk Regional Cluster Development Centre


"BioPharm" association