LLC AvaxisBiotherapeutics


The company develops individual therapeutic vaccines for cancer treatment based on induction of an immune response generated by dendrite cells treated with DNA-vaccine structures developed in the company.

At present vaccines for breast cancer (mammary gland cancer - MGC) and colorectal cancer are prepared for clinical trials.

The product is a preparation made of a patient’s blood treated with the use of a special method and meant for the stimulation of anti-tumor response of the patient.

As the result of carrying out the project, a new method of personalized immunotherapy of persons with the most malignant forms of MGC, with increased expression of the HER2/neu gene, will be brought out onto the MGC treatment services market.

1 Tecnoparkovaya Str., Koltsovo town, Novosibirsk region, zip code 630559, Russia.
+7 (913) 905-9875

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