Medical and technological cluster of the Novosibirsk Region

The cluster is a structural and functional consolidation of enterprises, infrastructure, research institutes, development companies, medical institutions and other entities engaged in the development, manufacture and implementation of medical devices.

It is aimed at stimulating the development and production of high technology medical products, raising the level of the domestic medical industry, creating competitive production both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Cluster tasks

The cluster is oriented to establish a sustainable point of economic growth in the Novosibirsk region through the extension of developments, production and introduction of modern medical products. Growing-point should be aimed at creating productive capacities and technological opportunities for the production of competitive products for import substitution purposes, as well as for the market entry of innovative products produced by the domestic medical industry



Company name Activity Member
Endoservice, LLC Manufacture of medical instruments and equipment
Tehnoproekt, LLC Manufacture of medical products and equipment
NEVZ-N, LLC Medical equipment
Electronic devices and components
Medical topographic systems "Metos", LLC Manufacture of apparatus used for medical purposes, based on the X-ray, alpha, beta and gamma radiation use
Atlant, LLC Manufacture of medical instruments and equipment
Medical Technology Innovation Centre, JSC Implementation of all product (service) innovation cycle phases for the medical companies
Biokvant, LLC Biosignal monitoring researches
Practical introduction of the received results into medicine

Management structure




Ekaterina Mamonova


"Cluster management organization of the Medical and technological cluster of the Novosibirsk region "System innovative solutions" independent non-profit organization

Rules of entry

If you want to get in Medical and technological cluster of Novosibirsk region do not hesitate to contact with:

Novosibirsk Regional Cluster Development Centre